How to Have a Wild Bachelor Party in Melbourne

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If you are looking for something different to do for your bachelor party, you have arrived at the right place. This is where you will find new ideas for parties that you haven’t ever heard of before. Triple X Buck Parties give you several options for celebrations that you can help design or have our event planner arrange for you. At the end of the day, you will have a party to finish your life as a single person that they won’t be able to stop talking about for years to come.

Host a Private Bachelor Party

Now is your chance to host one of the wildest private parties you have ever attended. We have several Melbourne Bucks party ideas to choose from that will blow your mind. For example, the Private Party Paradise Package lasts a total of three stimulating hours. You will be placed in your own private section in a bar where you will have a topless waitress take care of all your needs. But, that’s not all. You also will enjoy a performance by a XXX stripper all while you take advantage of the $950 bar tab. You will not go hungry at this party because this package includes beef and burgundy pies, mini-steak and chips, mini-gourmet burgers, chicken and mushroom pies.

You can expect the bar to be well-stocked with premium drinks that only cost $5.00 per drink. Featured on the menu are Bulmer’s Apple and Pear Cider, Carlton Draft and Fat Yak. You can also add house spirits that have a price tag of $8.50 per drink.

Our second party package provides even more. The Private Party Paradise Package offers you four topless ladies to serve you the drinks you desire. You have one stripper with this package as well, but you also will have two Lesbian strippers at your disposal. Drinks and sausage, salads and gourmet burgers go along with this package as well.

Organize a Cruise

Our bucks party ideas in Melbourne also include cruises. This package takes you on a luxury cruise during the day or night where you will enjoy topless waitresses serving you your drinks. There’s even the option of booking a stripper cruise that exchanges the topless waitresses for nude ones. The ladies will either perform a strip tease for you, or you can choose to watch a lesbian XXX show.

The options seem limitless where your party is concerned. We have small vessels for a more intimate party, or you can choose to take a trip on one of our luxury ships. We even have a cruise that is designed just for the ladies. Think of the muscular bodies of the male strippers that will be at your party ready to entertain you. The waiters also fit in with the atmosphere and will thrill you when the strippers aren’t on stage.

Of course, this package provides premium alcohol for you as well as gourmet cuisine. Rest assured that all of this will be served by nude waitresses. You can decide when you want your party to begin and at what time it will end. If you need more than one nude waitress, this can also be arranged.

Get a Hotel Room in Melbourne CBD

Your day is all set when you purchase this package. We are located near the place where you can spend the day golfing, go-carting or paint-balling. After the fun is over, you will retire to your hotel room where you will do anything but retire. That will be the time to enjoy the strippers of your choice. You can choose topless or fully nude waitresses. You also can decide to watch a lesbian show rather than a strip tease by one of our beautiful strippers.

For those who wish to throw a smaller party, bucks night ideas for Melbourne has a party for you. With this package, you will spend two and a half glorious hours with two hot and sexy topless waitresses in a luxury hotel room that will accommodate five. We have two-bedroom and three-bedroom options available. When you arrive at this paradise, a XXX stripper will greet you and be there to attend to your needs for the rest of your time together.

This option gives you the choice of selecting an add-on if your chosen package does not contain enough action for you. For example, you can increase the number of topless waitresses from two to five. You might like a centerfold show or three or four ladies who will entertain you in a lesbian show. You may even think it would be fun to visit the clubs with two gorgeous beauties in your party. The choice is up to you.

Naked Sushi

You may really like the idea of a sushi party for your farewell to single life. One of our Bucks day ideas for Melbourne is the Naked Sushi Party. This event gives you two splendid hours of time with a naked Sushi model. This party can be set up to accommodate 10 of your closest friends. You will each receive 20 pieces of Sushi served to you from a waitress who is without clothing. Your drinks will also come to you in a special manner. A topless waitress will be fully attentive to your needs and will fill your drink as it gets low.

If it doesn’t seem as if one waitress is enough to serve all of your guests, you may add waitresses to this package to make sure that everyone receives the attention they deserve.
This party will thrill all of your senses as your waitresses appear covered in sushi to give you an R-rated show.

Poker Night

Another of our popular Bucks party activities in Melbourne is our fabulous XXX Poker Party. Of course, your dealers will only be dressed in lingerie, and you can have your choice. They will either be totally nude or just topless. We will provide all of the necessities, including the poker table, the chips and other equipment. The poker will not be your only form of entertainment. This party also provides you with a XXX-rated show.

We have options for the ladies as well. Take advantage of this time to learn a new skill from a seasoned professional. We can provide you and your friends with a two-hour pole dancing lesson. If that does not appeal to you, you may add our Harem of Hunks to your package. With this option, you will receive your drinks from two topless butlers. You will also be treated to a show with men dressed in G-strings.

The Viva Las Vegas add-on lets you add a professional poker table complete with sexy dealer without turning your entire evening into a night at the casino. If you need more tables and chairs, those will be provided for you. This comes equipped with a professional shuffler, chips and cards.

You can also add the Bubbly and Life Drawing add-on. With this add-on, your guests will have their drinks served to them by hot hunks. A nude model will be front and center and ready to be drawn by you and your friends. A Full Monty strip show punctuates this event and leaves everyone feeling satisfied

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