Why Bachelor Parties and Casinos are the Perfect Mix

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Girls and Gambling
Girls and Gambling

Bachelor parties, by tradition, tend to be pretty wild. Men dream of strippers and dancing, lots of drinking, and only remembering the night because of the pictures they see. The hit film “The Hangover” pretty much sums up what most men would love to have happen at their bachelor parties. However, why not toss a bit of chance into it? If your friends love to gamble, booking a casino for a party is a great idea.Most casinos provide free drinks all night long, with low prices on specialty drinks. This means that you and your friends can have all the booze you want while laying down your money on games of chance. Nothing is more thrilling than winning – except, perhaps, the seconds leading up to it, when the roulette ball is nothing more than a blur on a spinning wheel with ten pairs of eyes glued to it, trying to guess where it will stop.

And then playing pokie games can be even more interesting. Free pokies are always fun as a warm up to the big leagues, practicing your poker face as best as you can when the booze is setting in. The rush of adrenaline men receive when raking in their winning chips is only matched by the words of the dealer: “Show your hands.”

Casinos also allow guys to just relax at the slots, mindlessly playing over and over again, and just possibly winning. Pulling the arm with one hand, holding a cold beer in the other, and with friends seated at the machines around you – it serves as a last moment of brotherhood before the bachelor leaves the nest to get hitched.

Many casinos are attached to bars or night clubs that can provide more physical action, with dancing and shows to sate any craving. When it’s time to get up and stretch after a long day of gambling, heading to the pub to spend your earnings is the perfect way to end an evening.

The most important part of any bachelor party is the camaraderie and brotherhood between friends. While these parties celebrate being single, they also celebrate friendship that lasts through the marriage, even when your mates are no longer the way you spend Friday evenings. Because of this, casinos can make for the perfect bachelor parties: providing places to both work together and compete, casinos can turn up the stakes and deliver the rush men crave.

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