Turn Buck Night Into a Buck Party With These 5 Games

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Buck night, stag do, or bachelor party. Whatever you call it, it only means one thing: an adventure. A bucks party not only celebrates the bachelor’s final hurrah as a single man, it also emphasizes camaraderie by unifying friends under one common goal, which is to have the best night possible. A bucks party can be anything, but here are 5 bucks party game ideas that are guaranteed to be a great time.

Sign the Shirt

After everyone has received their bucks party invite and the big night has arrived, it’s time to start the festivities. One way to ensure the night stays on task while not requiring too much attention is to require the bachelor to get a certain number of women, say 50, to sign his shirt before the night is over. This game keeps everyone engaged as they seek out willing participants while keeping the focus on the bachelor. Even better, after a few dozen signatures, people will start to ask about the shirt on their own which means some free time to sit back and hang out.

“…Walks Into a Bar”

This one is a standout among buck party games because it’s both unique and not that easy to pull off. The premise here is to benefit from an unlikely or unusual bar patron, by earning a free drink. For example, a classic variation is get get a drink from a blonde, brunette and redhead. The joke would read something like “A blonde, brunette, and redhead walk into a bar…” While it may not yield uproarious laughter, it does get the bachelor free drinks. Hey, if there aren’t any redheads around, try finding a priest, monk, and a rabbi.

Get a Woman’s Number

A bucks party isn’t complete until the bachelor is put in the spotlight and required to do some of the heavy lifting. No bucks party challenge list is complete without the phone number challenge. Let the bachelor see if he’s still got “it” by making him score some digits. Getting a woman’s phone number is the ultimate sign that your charm, good looks, or combination of the two is up to snuff. Buy him a drink if he succeeds, and buy him two if he strikes out.

Celebrate the Best Man

A bucks party is usually the culminated result of the best man’s planning and coordination. While it isn’t his big night, he does deserve a little of the attention. They say that the wider net you cast, the more fish you’ll catch. If the best man is on the market, instruct everyone in the group to give his number to 10 women. Talk him up too, after all, he is throwing you a great party.

Buy Your Fiance’ a Drink

Well, not exactly. For this game, you’re looking for a woman who shares the same first name as the bachelor’s fiance’. Once you find her, buy her a drink and maybe even serenade her with a song (bonus points if it’s an 80’s love ballad). You’ve found the woman who makes you the happiest man you’ve ever been, so a woman who shares her name at least deserves a free beer.
A bucks party can really be anything you want it to be. The key is to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun. You want to be the kind of group that people are happy to be around, so make sure the games you play are suitable for your surroundings. Have fun, be responsible, and make memories that will last a lifetime!
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