Top Bucks Night Ideas When Visiting Thailand

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Buck’s parties in Thailand are typically a smashing success, which is why this destination, has been a favourite of gents from around the world for many years. However, when planning such an event, there are several aspects to which thought must be given. These include creating the party mood, scheduling activities and determining whether bucks night dares will be part of the itinerary. Fortunately, Thailand offers anything one could wish for when planning such an event or eventually retiring in Thailand. The following are some of the best cities recommended by our friend at Thailand Retirement Helpers, in which to indulge in a bucks night out:

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is renowned city of tradition and diversity. Although it is rich in history, it still has a modern flair that makes it an attractive location for a bachelor party or similar event. Clubs are open throughout the night and known for reasonable prices and beautiful women. Whether the group wants to enjoy some classic revelry or simply socialize with other interesting people, this city is a great choice.



Those visiting Thailand for a bucks night should definitely not overlook the city of Phuket and its celebrated nightlife. Here, anything a young man could desire is easily found. Whether the group prefers to party with Phuket’s most beautiful girls or enjoy the thriving club life at Patong Beach, located just outside the city, the lovely region of Phuket will not disappoint.


Koh Samui and Bangkok 

Bangkok and Koh Samui should also be considered by anyone planning a social event for men only. Both cities are renowned for their many gentlemen’s clubs and their engaging nightlife. Additionally, most bars will stay open as long as patrons keep arriving and barmaids and servers are known for their friendly, flirtatious personalities.



Pattaya is another great city in Thailand for a bachelor party or bucks weekend and the area is known for state-of-the-art cuisine, inventive cocktails and exceptional live entertainment. Although not as big as some of the other cities mentioned above, Pattaya is a great choice for any groom-to-be who wants to party with his mates before the big day.


Bucks Nightlife Tour 

Tours should also be considered when one is searching for bucks night ideas. Excursions such as this are designed to take everyone in the party to the heart of the action in their chosen city. The members of the group can pick from various nightlife tours that include club hopping, floor shows and other attractions designed to ensure every minute is spent doing something enjoyable.


How to Make Most of the Thailand’s Nightlife

Scoping out a few of the most popular establishments in advance is an excellent way to ensure that the best choice is made when looking for bucks night ideas. The person planning the itinerary should consider factors such as the kind of food and drinks the groom prefers, his favorite types of clubs and whether or not bucks night dares are something in which the group wishes to indulge.

Many websites customize bucks night excursions, and therefore it is wise to compare several packages prior to making a final choice. Because the area is so enjoyable and interesting, it would not be surprising if the prospective groom one day ends up retiring in Thailand.

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