Strippers Tipping: What Do You Need To Know?

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One of the hallmarks of any wedding actually occurs before the ceremony takes place, and this is the groom’s bachelor party. Typically, the groom’s best man or other wedding attendants will plan the ultimate party, and an all-male party simply would not be complete without planning on some naughty entertainment. One of the most common forms of entertainment that is planned for with bachelor parties is strippers. These are gorgeous women who are paid for their ability to entertain you and your guests in amazing ways. You can also include topless barmaids and topless waitresses in your plans to add to the fun. When you are planning your event, there are some basic tipping and etiquette rules to follow to ensure everyone has a great time.

Tip Your Entertainers Generously

The party host will pay an up-front fee to the nude entertainers as well as to the topless barmaids and topless waitresses. This up-front fee covers their time and travel expenses. It ensures that you have entertainment and support staff at your party for a specified period of time. These are beautiful women who will arrive at your event ready to entertain you and your party guests, but they are encouraged to give you the wild event that you really want it to be when you and your guests tip them generously. In many cases, the more tips they receive, the wilder your event can be. Therefore, if you are planning on including these women in your party plans, be sure to tell your party guests to bring cash for tipping.

Remember to Respect the Women

It may be easy to get carried away when you are drinking and having a great time with your friends at a bachelor party, but it is important to remember to respect the women at all times. While many will do things that have only lived out in your fantasies before now, they do have their limits regarding what they will do. They also have the right to leave the event early if things get out of hand. This includes if even a single individual at the party gets carried away and becomes disrespectful. This can ruin the entire event for all involved, so the party host should be sure to keep an eye on everyone and to ensure that the party guests are not being disrespectful in any way.

Prepare for the Event

Your bachelor party is sure to get a little wild and crazy when you plan for strippers at your event. To make sure that the party is something worthy of talking about years later with your buddies, you want to stage your party venue accordingly. Blinds should be closed so that you and the ladies have the privacy that the event calls for. The women will put on a show for you, so give them plenty of open floor space to show everyone their moves. Be sure to place a chair with no arms in a central location for the groom to sit in so that he can get the extra special attention that he needs for his bachelor party.

From tipping and being respectful to preparing your venue for a memorable performance from the entertainment, there are a number of steps that you want to take when including topless entertainment in your bachelor party. Keep these tips in mind as you plan for your big night.

Black-corset-stripper-melbourneThank you Rebecca, a Melbourne stripper from XXX Bucks Parties for letting us know about these rules.


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