Memorable Sydney Bucks Party Ideas And Activities

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With the number of bucks party venues in Sydney available, it’s not difficult to find some cool places to throw up your bachelorhood. Check out these suggestions if you’re hoping to plan a memorable bucks party for the groom-to-be.


Puff on Quality Cigars

Does the groom consider himself a cigar aficionado? If so, seek out your local cigar bar. This is a classy way to spend a cigar-filled evening. Along with smoking, you and your friends can also sip on cocktails and spirits while lapping up the VIP treatment and ordering hors d’oeuvres.


Visit the Sydney Aquarium

Not every guy wants to spend his night getting drunk and checking out girls. If your pal is a sea life fanatic, consider having part of the bucks party at the Sydney Aquarium. Want to push him out of his comfort zone? There are Sea World locations throughout Australia and you can watch the soon-to-be-married man go shark diving. The best part? Afterwards, he’ll definitely be ready for a beer.


Step on the Gas

Drive Porsches is arguably one of the best stag do destinations in all of Australia. For the guy who’s seriously into cars, let him drive a Porsche for the day (and night). Either rent the car for the first part of the day or keep it through the evening to arrive at the other places to visit Sydney in style.


Rent a Home Away from Home

If you want to turn the buck party night into a weekend-long celebration, you may need more space than a small hotel room. You and your guy pals can rent out a large apartment or a small house in the hub of city life or right on the beach. When you’re finished partying for the night, you won’t have to get in your car and drive home – you can just crash on your rented bed and sleep in as late as you like the next day.


Rent a Jet Boat

Is the groom an adrenaline junkie? Does he need to work out some cold feet before walking down the aisle? Either way, renting a jet boat will get his heart pumping. Organize an action-packed afternoon to explore Sydney’s waters in this totally exciting and unique way. At the end of your jaunt, plan a delicious lunch spread at a nearby restaurant.


Shoot Each Other with Paint

Paintball is a fun, guy-worthy bucks party option, especially if your manly man loves taking aim. Paintball is available throughout Australia and can be part of a memorable bucks party day. All of the equipment needed will be available for rent. Afterward, head to a nearby brewery for a beer and lunch.


Take it Easy on the Water

Want to slow down for your bucks party? Contact fishing boat to peaceful day around serene waters. Food and drinks can be part of the morning or afternoon so that you don’t have to cut the fishing experience short when your stomach starts grumbling.

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