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If you’re going out for a hens party, have hens night ideas for on the town fun, or are looking at things to do on a hens night that require going out of the home, there are things that you can do.

For the hens party going out on the town, the bar is a place that gets a lot of hits. There’s always something there for the women, and makeup is not of much worth for a bar party. However, a simple nude look will do. This can be achieved with nude blush, a simple coat of black mascara, and a quick eyebrow pluck to get rid of unsightly hairs. If you’re feeling more adventurous for a night on the bar, add incredibly pigmented red lipstick or a bright eye shadow color.For a hen party going to the spa, don’t do your make up. You’re there to relax. Go incredibly make up free, and let your face get the same kind of refresh that your body will be getting. Besides, if you’re planning to get facials, doing your make up will be worthless because it’ll either get messed up or you’ll end up taking it off before the facials. However, doing it after can allow you to do it feeling fresh and ready to go.

If you’re going to a high profile ball type of event for your hens party, go high profile. Use your make up to highlight your natural beauty this time, not to overpower or hide it. Use a slightly tinted lip gloss over a nude colored lipstick. For fair skin, try a slight red or slight pink color. Eye shadow should be either nude colored or a color that will compliment your eye color. For blue eyes, this could be pink, light brown, or green. Brown eyes look good with brown, light grey, and other earth tones. Green eyes have a variety of colors you can use. Blushes should stay neutral or barely tinted.

For a masquerade party, focus on what will not be covered by your mask. If you have a mask that only covers your eyes, use a lipstick, lip gloss, and blush that will enhance your costume. Stick to your color theme – if going as a peacock, use blues, greens, and purples. Red would look out of place. Going as the Queen of Hearts, on the other hand, would require red in your make up – especially if your mask only covers the eyes. If you have a mask that covers the entire face, don’t do your makeup. It would only get messed up under your mask.

If you go out to a dinner, the degree of makeup you use will vary. It’ll depend on the restaurant you go to. Low profile or cheaper restaurants (those that don’t exceed $20 a person) don’t require you to have makeup done. Use the nude makeup tips from the bar or do light pigmentation. Light red, light pink, cheaper makeup that doesn’t have a lot of pigmentation to begin with. Restaurants that are a little more high profile may have a dress code. If they have a dress code, look at it.

Whatever you chose to do, fit it to the place you go to. That’s the bottom line.

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