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If you’ve been assigned the honour of arranging a hen party for your best mate, you may be experiencing a bit of pressure. It’s no easy feat trying to balance their last hurrah from single life to marriage. Thankfully, the following top party ideas are sure to help break the ice and put your friends in the spirit of a hen party.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hens night games can be a challenge, especially if the bride’s friends know her from various times throughout her life. A great game to help break the ice is a walk down memory lane. Before your friends show for your night out, you can have them think of a memory during their friendship and write it down on a piece of paper. Whether comical, embarrassing or sentimental, have the party goers place the papers in a bowl as they enter the party. Once the bride-to-be arrives, have her pull the memories out one at a time and try to guess which friend it belongs to. This is sure to be a fun way to begin your night of merriment.

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Wine Tasting

Hens night ideas don’t all have to be full of debauchery. If the bride and guests are more of a sophisticated bunch, you may want host a wine tasting party. Ask each of the guests in attendance to bring a bottle of their favourite wine with the label covered. As the party ensues, the fellow hens can sample the wines and vote for the one that they like best. The one with the most votes wins. A prize can also go to the individual who brought the beverage. You can also pair your wines with cheeses, fruits, biscuits and have classical music playing softly in the background.


You can incorporate hens night ideas into this classic game. Clues can be anything from romance flicks to wedding centric words. As the drinks flow and people let down their guards, guests can also mime people from the bride’s life such as the groom, family members and ex-boyfriends.

Hens Party Packages

Sydney has a host of party package ideas ( check out these hens party packages from Cover Girl)  ideal if you are looking to take your party out on the town. If you’re in the mood for something sexy and fun, a hens burlesque workshop can help you unwind and get your moves on. You can then party the night away in one of Sydney’s hottest clubs or by singing karaoke. Strippers can make an excellent send off for a bride. Whether you rent your own hotel suite for your friends to enjoy or attend a male revue, it’s sure to be an unforgettable evening. If strippers aren’t what the bride fancy’s, you can still enjoy the best of Sydney by taking a harbor voyage. A hens dinner party at one of the top restaurants in the area can also add a special touch. You can ask the guests to bring a present that is special about their friendship. This can be anything from a poem to a framed picture.

Naughty Games

All hens night games don’t have to be sentimental and flowery. You can kick your party up a notch by incorporating a few naughty games into the mix. With some clay or play dough, ask your guests to shape various parts of the body. You can make it as competitive and risqué as your guests allow.

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