I Hired Topless Barmaids and Waitresses For a Bachelor Party

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 topless waitressesEarlier this year, the responsibilities fell upon me to throw a sick bachelor party. Luckily, I was just the man to pick up the party gauntlet. My best friend’s friends and family were traveling to Melbourne for the wedding, and so I quickly set to work on planning the best bachelor party possible.

I was able to find a great concert hall that was willing to shut down for my friend’s party. The party was great, and I was able to arrange for it to be stocked with a ton of booze. I was able to get beer on tap, high shelf liquor, and arranged for them to have people to make cocktails. I was even able to make sure that they stocked mixers that would allow the partygoers to drink very girl drinks.

The other thing I did for the party was to arrange for them to have topless barmaids from Cover Girl Strippers. This was a great choice, and found that it was a great way to achieve the required amount of nudity for a good bachelor party. I was also able to arrange for the guests to be served by topless waitresses. The overall quality of the topless staff was exceptionally high-quality, and we liked how they wore a variety of different outfits. I felt that having topless waitresses and barmaids to be better than just ordering a huge number of strippers. This was because we did not have to spend the evening staring at the stage, and because I could claim that I had to hire a wait staff and just chose the best ones.

I really liked the overall quality of the topless barmaids, and found that it really made everyone get into the part atmosphere. We spent a huge amount of our time sending the groom-to-be back to the bar for more drinks. We also really liked watching the looks the female guests made while be served by topless waitresses. The waitresses seemed exceptionally friendly, and we really liked getting the chance to hit on hot topless women.

We ended up spending a huge amount of our time at the concert hall, and ended up partying late into the night. We told a bunch of inside jokes, and generally got very wild. I really liked that I had a chance for me to give my best friend one last look at the party life before he went off into the cold land of marriage.

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