How to Organise a Poker Night for a Bachelor Party

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Being chosen by your best friend to be his best man is an incredible honor. But it also comes with some important responsibilities, one of which is organizing his bachelor party. It’s his last days as a buck, wild and free to roam. No pressure, though, as this guide will guide you on how to organise a poker night that’s safe, enjoyable, and worth remembering.

Identify a Regular Poker Night

In order to one-up regular poker nights, you have to know what it’s like so you can avoid the mundane elements and progressions of it. Of course, there are also indispensable elements that make poker night a popular, enjoyable, and classic activity for friends and families. For instance, the iconic poker table with all its nifty compartments is something you cannot not have on poker night.

Of course, since it’s a bachelor party, you’d want to be more playful with the overall design of the table and maybe add on some extras like premium tobaccos with ashtrays on the side and cup holders for your beers and champagnes.

Hire a Real Dealer

You don’t want a sausage fest for your bachelor party. Hire a female poker dealer to infuse the all-testosterone environment with a feminine touch. If you want to go all-in, there are premium casino supply companies that provide the complete package including professionally-trained dealers for all kinds of casino games. Some girls can also host table games in bikinis, which is great if your venue is near an indoor swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

Hiring a real dealer to facilitate table games on your bachelor party is a great way to leave all the work to professionals and let you and your friends have the utmost fun and comfort. And because it’s the opposite gender hosting your games, it adds a different perspective or flavor to the conversation.

Don’t Forget the Invitations

Organising a poker night can get you so busy that you forget to invite the guests. Two weeks before the scheduled event, make sure you send invitations by mail, text, or in person. Two weeks leaves your guests enough time to respond with a Yes or No and will give you enough time to plan for the number of guests you’ll be accommodating.

Prepare the Food


Once RSVPs are confirmed, the next step on how to organise a poker night is to prepare the materials. For a bachelor party, food is essential. You and your mates can go through pounds of food in a span of hours. Meat should of course be in the menu, but you don’t want meals like chicken wings or nuggets. Keep in mind that there’s going to be photos taken for your bachelor party and a plate of nuggets isn’t exactly the 5-star meal you’d want to be sporting.

Prime ribs and and steak is the best way to go for an all-male dinner. Add some side dishes like mashed potatoes, Basmati rice, and vegetables. Men are also very picky when it comes to their beverages, so be sure you have a good selection of beers and wines on the ready for those meticulous mates.

Establish Rules & Etiquette

Sure, a bachelor party that ends up in a police station sounds a fun and unforgettable night for you young lads. But it’s not always the case and getting into trouble actually does nothing but cut short your planned night of enjoyment. While organising a poker night, discuss ground rules with your mates about the proper etiquette around the girls you’ve invited as well as technical rules concerning bets they put on the table.

Have a Dress Code


It’s not really exciting or classy to play poker with your mates while wearing jeans and hoodies. Make the event more classy and memorable by wearing tuxes or at least sports jackets. This will make for a nice picture and is a plus for the ladies you’ve invited and hired to host the event.

Vegas is an Option

Poker nights don’t necessarily need to be indoors. Groups with a ludicrous budget to throw for their buddy’s bachelor party can march to the Vegas scene and enjoy the table games and VIP treatment there. To maximize the Vegas experience, rent at least one room for you and your mates to dose off in once the night gradually mellows down. Vegas even made our list of top ten destinations for bachelor parties.

Take it Out On the Water

Are you in Sydney or somewhere else in Australia and don’t want to take it all the way to Vegas? Centrefold Bucks Cruises┬áhave a poker cruise which is sure to impress your mates. Imagine taking a boat with a bunch of hotties to cruise Sydney harbour, which a topless dealer in tow?

If there’s anything to make a bachelor party better than a poker night, it is to take that poker night out on the water.

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