Gold Coast Bucks Weekend: Bucks Party Activities & Ideas

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If you’re planning a bucks party, you should take a good hard look at the Gold Coast. This beautiful stretch of Australia is known for some of the wildest parties in the lands of the Outback. The Gold Coast is basically the Las Vegas of Australia and is packed with breathtaking beaches and lively nightlife.

With so many activities to choose from, you can ensure your bucks party will be number one. Imagine: beautiful women, sandy shores, great drinks, beach volleyball, and surfing activities all in one place! At the Gold Coast, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Some sites offer packages for your entire weekend. Here are some bucks party ideas in Gold Coast you can use to plan the perfect party:

1. Schedule some rounds of golf.

During the day, there’s nothing like a nice, sunny game of golf. The Gold Coast has plenty of options to explore. Having a relaxing day golfing is a perfect way to warm up for a night of partying because there’s always time for a bucks party in Gold Coast. Staying in some comfortable lodging near to a golf course guarantees you will have a relaxing day, an exciting night, and all the comfort you need to recover the next morning!

2. Rent a boat for the day.

Maybe you want to go off the green and instead relax over some deep blue. There are fully licensed boats available to rent. Take your buddies out over the waters, maybe even fish a little, then return to your lodging and get ready for the night out. Hanging around the water is an awesome way to experience a bucks night in Gold Coast. If you’re especially adventurous, consider some boogie boarding, swimming, and even snorkeling. There’s so much to see under the incredible surface of this region!

3. Plan a barbecue!

Especially if you plan to go out for the night, filling up on some delicious meats in the sunshine is a perfect way to get in a lunch or dinner. There are several beach locations where you’re allowed to grill, and you might even consider bringing your own portable device. Barbecues are always an enjoyable way to spend a sunny day. They’re also greatly adaptable for dietary needs of your guests. Barbecues are also the perfect slate for having some spontaneous sports matches and plenty of beers under the sun. Who knows? Maybe some ladies hanging around the beach will want to stop by and join in for some drinks, burgers, or even a game.

4. Pick up a gun for some rounds or a game.

Many packages include guns one way or another. Maybe you like the shooting range or shooting clays. You can even book games of paintball! There’s nothing like the adrenaline-pumping shooting a gun can cause, so be sure to book your rounds today! There’s nothing like showing up to a gun range that is completely ready to fix you up with some ammunition, a well-maintained firing arm, and all the safety gear you could possibly need. A game of paintball, in fact, will get you super riled up with adrenaline for the evening.

5. Of course, don’t forget the drinks!

There are so many ways to include drinks in your party. Some packages come with beers to keep you satisfied throughout the day. There are also packages complete with bar hopping and pub crawls. Whether you’re into the cheap beer or fancy cocktails, the Gold Coast has plenty of things to offer to satisfy your bucks party needs. There are so many bucks night ideas in Gold Coast. Don’t forget to arrange for your own drinks to be chilled and waiting for you every time you return to your lodging, both throughout the day and for when you retire from hitting up the clubs at night!

6. And don’t forget the girls…

Many packages offered in the Gold Coast give you access to see some girls in one form or another. Hire a cocktail waitress, see some dancers, even access a strip club! There are plenty of deals and even the possibility to find a nude waitress in Gold Coast. It probably wouldn’t seem like a bucks party – especially in a beautiful place like the Gold Coast – without having some dancers involved. You can even hire some girls for coming along on a boat rental, but you don’t have to hire. The clubs are everywhere and, with a little planning, you can get access!

Every year, Gold Coast bucks filter in and out of the region, having a total blast in their Australian party. A bucks weekend in Gold Coast is popular for a reason: there is just so much to offer!

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