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When you get a group of men together for a buck’s night, you want everyone to have an amazing time. Of course, you want your friend’s special night to be amazing and memorable, but you want the whole group to enjoy themselves. Your up-front effort to plan the perfect buck’s night out may include choosing a great location and planning for food and drink service. More than that, you want to selection some great bucks night games to add to the fun times. If you are looking for fun game ideas, consider some of these ideas from Cover Girl Strippers, who can make your unique bucks night ideas come true in many locations such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and more.

Back Fire

Back Fire is a fun twist on the truth or dare game that can be truly hilarious and even a little dirty if you play it with bucks party strippers. Everyone writes down various truth questions and dare activities for the stag to complete, believing that you are playing a basic game of truth or dare. However, after the questions and activities are written down, you announce that the game is called Back Fire. Everyone will have to answer his own questions or perform the dares that he wanted the buck to do.

bucks night games

Chicken Run

Chicken Run requires you to rent a full chicken costume and to dress the stag in it. Everyone also contributes a specific amount of money into a pot or kitty. The stag is dropped off in a location with a lot of bars or pubs and is given time to find a spot inside the bar of his choice, and he takes the contributed kitty with him. Then, everyone else in the group sets off in groups of two or three to run around from bar to bar to find the chicken in the bar. The stag will get to order as many drinks as he wants using the contributed money until the group arrives. Then, he will share the money to buy drinks for everyone else. Those who find him first get time to drink more.

It’s a Dare

Whether your buck night takes you out in public, has a few strippers in a private home party or includes other plans, It’s a Dare is a great game to play. You can create fun, hilarious and even dirty dares for the stag to complete throughout the party. Rather than play the game all at once, you will pull a dare out and read it randomly throughout the party, and the buck must comply. The dares should be suitable for your party plans. For example, if your party is inside a private home, using dares involving strangers is not possible. If your party is in a bar, dares with strangers can be hilarious.

There are many plans that you will need to make to prepare the perfect buck’s night for your friends. In addition to sending out invitations and finding the perfect venue, you also want to plan some great bucks night games for everyone in the group to play. These are just a few of the great ideas that you can consider including with your party plans, and the right games may be among the most memorable events of the night or the weekend.

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