Fun and Fabulous Hens Night Costume Ideas

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One of the more anticipated parts of hens night is being able to get dressed up for your big night out. It’s an occasion that calls for a bit of extra flash and glamour, so deciding what you’re going to wear requires a bit planning and attention to detail. Many brides-to-be have even started to plan coordinated outfits or costume parties to celebrate their hens night. If you like the sound of honoring hens night adorned in something fabulous yet out of the ordinary, then here are some ideas to get you and the girls started. 


223-thickbox_defaultMake It Fashion Night

It’s not every day that you have a reason to go out in designer clothes. You can try having a fashion night, where everyone goes out trying to emulate looks from your favorite fashion models. There are plenty of Australian designer clothes to gain inspiration from, such as Estelle Dévé, Finders Keepers, and Australian online designer clothing label Mahalia Brown. Dress yourselves to the nines and practice your catwalk strut. 


Dress Up As Your Alter Ego289138163_e1c207db5b

Everyone has a fantasy alter ego that they’d like to act out once in their lives, and hens night can be your chance to jump into character. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a sexy spy, a movie star, or a femme fatale, or some other version of yourself that you’ve made up on your own. Once you’re all dressed up together, you’ll look like a group of smoldering temptresses. 


Karlie_Kloss_at_Anna_Sui_2011“The Great Gatsby” Theme

Get dressed in iconic 20’s attire and party like you’re at the grandest social event of the year. You can sip champagne while listening to classic 20’s music and then head out to your favorite club for a modern 20’s mashup. To give yourself the perfect Gatsby look, give your hair the fingerwaver style and adorn yourself in a flapper dress, pearls, headbands, and feathers. You can also practice some of the popular dance moves of the 1920’s and use some of them on the dance floor. 


IMG_5026Sparkle Party

The bride-to-be is the star of the show during hens night, so celebrate by dressing in the most dazzling, sparkly outfits you possible can, ( just make sure the bride stands out). You can wear sequin cocktail dresses, sparkling heels, bold jewelry, body and hair glitter, and shimmery makeup to ensure you guys twinkle into the night. 


Princess_Poison_Ivy_(10909780866)Princess Theme

Relive your love for playing dress-up one last time and have a princess themed hens night. You can play with tutus, tulle, or other over-the-top dresses, and pair them with stockings, tiaras, big and flashy costume jewelry and other sugary, frilly, garments. A princess costume night is sure to touch your nostalgic and girly sides. 


These hens night costume ideas should get your creative juices flowing in order to pick out the perfect outfit for your bachelor party. Regardless of whether it’s a theme night, or an anything goes costume party, hens night outfits should be something that speaks to your own personality. 

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