Create Unique and Personalized Memorabilia for Your Bridal Party

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The planning of a wedding day is an exciting, stressful, joyous, crazy, and memorable undertaking. Getting all of the details just right is at the center of every bride’s wish list. One of these intricate details that often gets overlooked and handled hurriedly is the gifts for the ladies in your wedding party. Finding the perfect gift is easy when you have a quality selection of party bags, beauty products, party favors, gifts for the bride and an assortment of other Hen wedding products to choose from for the special day.

The members of a wedding party are normally the very close and dear friends of the bride. Finding the perfect gift to fit the personality and style of these carefully chosen group of friends is simple when you check out the selection of gifts for hens party. The best way to enjoy a fun night out and keep the party going with the girls and find the perfect gift at the same time is to host a Hen party night. A Hen party will bring all of your friends together to share in all that Hen has to offer. 

Some of the great ideas that are available include:

  • Personalized Gift Bags-This assortment of personalized bags will give you the freedom to choose your intimate message or fun attitude from this wide selection of fun and funky gift bags.
  • Party Gift Bags-This assortment of gift bags contains an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and snappy patterns. From the basic plain gift bag to the most elaborate and classy printed bag, Hen has your gift giving needs “in the bag.”
  • Party Bag Fillers-This assortment of fun and interesting party bag fillers will keep your guests entertained. An array of childhood favorite party favors such as whistling lips, glow jewelry, noise makers, key chains, and much more will ensure laughter and good times.
  • Gift Bag Candies-This large assortment of chocolates, suckers, and tart treats are the perfect addition to any gift bag. The assortment is large enough to cover every candy lovers needs.
  • Gift Bag Beauty Products-Guests will love to see an assortment of new and interesting beauty products in their memorabilia bags. From nail files to foot lotion, Hen has the fun and the essential beauty products that every woman can use.
  • Exclusive Gift Wrap-Cover your gifts for hens party in style with Hen’s great wrapping and decorating options for your personalized gift. Decorative bows, colorful bags and boxes, and matching tissue paper are only a few of the unique wrapping options.
  • Party Favors & Gift Boxes-This assortment of candies, mints, and chocolates come decoratively wrapped and smartly packaged. With this large selection of confections, there is something to satisfy every party guests sweet tooth.
  • Gifts For The Bride-This assortment of hens night toys for the special lady contains everything and anything a bride could need for her special night. Hens night gift ideas are perfect for a bridal shower, bridal gathering, bachelorette party, or celebration. These fun and bridal themed gifts will keep the party going and the laughter rolling with these hens night gift ideas.



The average female child begins dreaming of her perfect wedding day as soon as she realizes the connection between boys, love, marriage, and the future. These dreams are often filled with adornments of grandeur and fairy tale endings. Before the nuptials are finalized, it is customary to plan a celebration for the bride-to-be before her big day. A hen party gift is the perfect way to personalize the most important celebration of your life and the friends and family who attend. Create memories and keepsakes with a hen party gift, a hen night present, or one of the hens night toys.

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