A Bucks Weekend Paradise in Perth

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You are the main man in charge of creating a bucks night to remember in Perth and you are on the lookout for bucks weekend ideas. Everyone is making the journey in to share this momentous occasion with the groom. As friends and family start making their plans, you want to make it worth their while. With a host of bucks night game ideas and a long list of bucks weekend ideas at the ready, you can make sure everyone is ready for a good time. Pull out all of the stops, be prepared, and sit back to enjoy the fun. Here are a few ideas for your bucks night in Perth from Cover Girl Strippers in Perth.

Hit the Bars

You do not have to stick with one bar when you are on your way to a bucks night that is simply unforgettable. Hire a limo to carry the crew and load up as you prepare to make the rounds. Keep the groom guessing as you make one stop after another. You can really spice things up when you choose venues with topless waitresses and topless barmaids. Everyone will enjoy the view as you all drink up and toast the groom. When topless barmaids and topless waitresses are not enough, bring in the stripper. You can ask the stripper to come along for a ride in the limo before the night is over. Throw in a fancy dress theme to really liven up the evening. Your guests will definitely be satisfied when they go home, making it a trip that was worth every minute. Most of all, your groom will have a sendoff with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Add Some Gaming Fun

If you’re looking for bucks night games ideas, the sky is the limit. Find a sporting event and take the party to the game. Load up the video games at a rental place and feel like you are kids all over again. This is the time to hold on to your youth before you all head to the golden years. You can’t go wrong with poker, especially when you get the strippers to join in for a few rounds of strip poker. Drinking games are always a fun way to get everyone loose and laughing. Laser tag and paint ball are great ways to have a blast as all of your guests get an adrenalin rush. Team up and go to war without taking any prisoners. As your groom prepares to devote himself to one person for the rest of his life, he needs some quality time with his best buds. If golf is the groom’s preferred pastime, you can always head out to the green for the day and top it off with a restaurant for dinner with drinks.

Go Wild!

When you want an entire weekend with the guys before your groom ties the knot, go camping. Fish, break out the canoes and kayaks, or head off for a hike. Bucks weekend can be the time of your life for everyone. It’s not only for the groom. This is a chance for a group of guys to have a great time together as they celebrate this milestone in life.

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