5 Must-do Ideas For A Perfect Bachelor Party

When you are planning a bachelor party, you want to be on top of shit. This means being the man in charge. You might have to tell your mates how to dress for a bachelor party, you need to get the perfect party favors for bachelor party, and you may even want strippers for a party. But what you need to be most of all is a lucid man with the plan who doesn’t take any prisoners.

  • No Holds Barred
    Being in charge of the bachelor party is a big responsibility because it is your job to order around a bunch of drunken derelicts. But your captainhood begins a lot earlier than party time. You’ve got to round up the right bunch of guys, tell them to dress at least halfway nice, and you have to make sure they show up on time. Put them in a chokehold and drag them to the party if you need to. No holds barred, captain my captain.
  • Save the Date
    Don’t be that idiot that plans the bachelor party the night before the wedding. Everybody knows that a bunch of drunken debauchery happens during a bachelor party and if your groom gets swept up, he’ll need a few days to explain it to his fiancée. Planning it too close to the wedding may not allow wounds to heal, literally. Your mate might break a bone or suffer Burns. You could be responsible for delaying or even canceling the wedding. Good on you, homewrecker.
  • Let Everyone Keep Their Shirts
    Not everybody has money to burn, man. Plan a day of adventure that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money so that more people can participate. And don’t be that guy that invites friends that the bachelor didn’t approve of, but do invite as many guys as possible. And for the love of God, do not plan anything that involves male nudity. You see that? The heading for this section is a double entendre — don’t spend a lot of money and make sure everyone stays fully clothed. The nudity should be female and it should come at the end of the night.
  • Stay On The Move
    Men’s bodies are like Jeeps, they are made for getting around, getting dirty and breaking stuff. So get your mates doing what they’re made to do — keep moving. Have an action-packed itinerary so nobody slows down enough to be bored. But with this said, don’t do anything stupid that can get anybody hurt. But do plan activities that maximize embarrassment. And take lots of pictures.
  • Sexy Times?
    There’s nothing that makes people more uncomfortable than unwanted sexual attention. Friends can arrange hiring strippers to a party if are very welcome by the bachelor. The female nudity can be the cherry on top of a day of action. And who knows, the stripper’s name might actually be ‘Cherry’.
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